Light Boxes

Light boxes would have to be the most dominant way to increase viability and exposure for your premises. We manufacture Light boxes with a range of materials to suit your unique style. Although they are commonly made from Aluminium with Acrylic faces, they can also be fabricated from various other Metals and Timber Veneers with push-fit letters or fabric faces. Signmansez custom build each light box using the appropriate materials to ensure optimum results for our clients. With a range of illuminated techniques ranging from Back-lit, Front-lit, edge-lit or illuminated with shadows or halos, our team will educate you through the process to ensure excellent results with maximum exposure. Light boxes are a great visual solution for decorating your business or brand. Take your time to look through our range of light boxes manufactured for various clients. Our team are happy to assist you with any information you require.

Not sure what light box do you need?